Starza (celestial_starz) wrote,

LJ meltdown and some changes

Well, due to the latest LJ meltdown and how they can't give a clear answers, any fics that have characters under age 18 that are R or above have been locked. You must friend this journal now in order to read fics of this nature.

The fandom this is really gonna affect is my Yami no Matsuei fics. Star Ocean 3 fanfics are unlocked since Fayt is 19 and not a minor.

I have friended everyone who has friended me so that they may view locked posts.

Q&A -

What the hell, you said you wouldn't lock your jornal EVER! So why now?

Basically, LJ has shown that this is not a safe haven for fanfic writers or for any people who write any sexual content with anyone under 18, fictional or not. They have banned people from the website for good for a picture of explict nature with no warning, even though there was no minor in the picture, because the character in question is a minor during canon, it was banned. Stupid reasoning, but that's what I got from what was being told.

I'm not gonna take the chance of 4 journals being purged, even though I kinda lost interest in LJ, I may pick up writing again sometime in the future and it would suck having to go to another website.

So what fandoms does this effect?

Currently, it affects really only the Yami no Matsuei fandom. All fics with any sort of lime in them have been locked save the Star Ocean 3 fandom since all the characters that I write for are above 18. All Sims stories have been deleted, so it doesn't affect it, but if I ever do get back into the Sims game, sadly, there will be no pr0n stuff unless it's people above the age of 18 or someone wants to host the stories on his/her site, sorry. :(

Hey, I came here to look for the uncensored version of 'Heart to Heart/Temptation/One Wish' and I don't have a LJ/don't want to sign up for an LJ! What the hell!?

All of these fics are hosted Ao3, with the exception of One Wish, under 'Starza'. One Wish isn't there because I am extremely lazy. >.> I'll add it up sometime when I can find the original document.

What about future stories?

Right now, I'm currently not in the mood to write, WoW takes up WAY too much time than it should, but should I do decide to write again, anything with a rating of PG-13 or higher or even implied lime will most likely be locked. Sucks, but yeah... :/ I will try to host them on other sites that allow NC-17 content though, including non-YnM stories.

Think that's all for now.
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