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Celestial Gaze


29 June 1981
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This is starza's fic blog. Mainly, this is a place where she writes down ideas and posts her stories. Most of what she posts here is fanfiction, but sometimes, she posts up original fiction and poetry.

Starza's interests reflect fandoms she knows and fandoms she has written for on this journal. Starza tends to write fanfiction based on anime, video games, and manga. Most of her fanfics are based on the anime/manga, Yami no Matsuei. Starza has also written fanfiction for other fandoms, but you'll find the majority of her stories to fall currently under Yami no Matsuei.

Starza also sometimes likes to make stories out of Sims pictures from characters from her favorite anime/manga/video games. Starza only has one rule about pictures, and that's no hotlinking. She'll take them down if too many people hotlink them.

Starza also says anything she posts here range from G to NC-17 and she says that you should read all warnings, comments, ratings, etc before you click. Starza carefully labels her fanfics now.

Starza also labels her spoilers, and sometimes, she can get a little overboard with them. Starza hates spoilers, so she wouldn't like it if she accidently spoiled some important plotpoint to her readers. So if you see a spoiler warning, please be aware of it.

Starza will not be held responsible if a little kid reads an NC-17 fic when it was properly labeled. If said child can read the fic, said child can read the warning. Starza is not the net's babysister and will not tolerate parents who don't monitor their children while on the net.

Starza claims none of the characters and places in said fanfiction are hers. They all belong to their respective creators. She will only put claim to her own created characters and her original fanfiction.

Starza likes it very much if you enjoy her fics and you tell her. What Starza likes the most, though, is feedback and criticism. Starza is not afraid of harsh criticism and would prefer it before she gets crosspost crazy and has to fix things along with all the crossposted posts.

Starza will not tolerate flamage or wank in her journal. Anon comments are still on, as she understands not everyone has a livejournal, but she keeps their IPs tracked, so be warned of that.

Starza says it's perfectly fine to friend her, but with the fic blog, she will only friend you back if you are friended on her personal journal. She says there's really no difference, all finished beta pieces are unlocked while typically, drafts are locked.

Starza would also like to take a moment to thank rinoared and katsue_fox for beta-ing most of her fics.

Starza is currently planning on finishing some Yami no Matsuei pieces and currently plans on writing some pieces for FullMetal Alchemist.

And Starza really needs to stop speaking third person as well. >.>

8/07/07 - Due to the recent meltdown of LJ, some fics had to be locked. I'm sorry in advance, but until Livejournal has clear cut policies, it's better to be safe than sorry.