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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Albel/Fayt

Title: Destiny (3/5)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/bit of angst
Warnings: No main story spoilers, shocking! Minor spoilers on Albel's past
Summary: Fayt and Albel get into another arguement, only this time...
Word Count: 362
Comments: Ficlet written for stagesoflove, the theme for this one is 'Passion'. I think I sort of jumped a bit with their relationship, but I think it's okay, given the next two parts and the way they are.

I take back what I said before too, THIS was the hardest to write.

Oh, um, there are different theories about Albel's arm, since it's not 100% clear in the game. I'm using the one that benefits me the most. :X

This takes place after Albel/Fayt's ending, pretty much, so from here on, it's completely post game.

How did Fayt end up in the position he was currently in? One minute, he was in one of the biggest and loudest shouting matches that he's ever been in with Albel before. And the next minute, he was pinned to the wall, a mouth covering his own, swallowing any other argument that he had to say.

It had started with one simple question. 'How?' Fayt had asked and pointed to Albel's left arm, completely bandaged from the elbow down to the finger tips. He wanted to hear the story from Albel's own lips, not from the lips of others. But Albel had gotten strangely defensive, telling Fayt that it was none of his concern. Normally, Fayt would've left the conversation at that, but for some reason he didn't even understand, that answer wasn't good enough.

Voices quickly rose, anger and threats piled up onto one another. Both crimson and emerald eyes blazing at one another. Both too stubborn to back down.

It was Albel who finally pressed him hard against the wall. Fayt had never seen Albel so infuriated before, and if this was another time, another situation, Fayt would've backed off long before it escalated to this level. But he only gazed back, equally furious.

And then...

A small whine almost escaped him when lips parted from him, crimson eyes staring into his own; the fiery anger toned a bit. Fayt knew he should say something, but every time he opened his mouth, nothing came out.

Shouldn't he be upset? Shouldn't he feel disgusted? Shouldn't he feel anything but what he was feeling now?

He turned his head away, not wanting to look at Albel, but a hand cupped his cheek and turned him back around. He expected Albel to say something, anything, but he only continued to stare at him.

'What does he want from me!?'

He didn't know how long they stood standing there, staring at one another. And it didn't look like Albel was going to back down, at least not anytime soon.

'It's just like before, only... only that there's something there now. Anxiety, hope, fear... and...'

Decision made, Fayt brought their lips together once again.
Tags: albelxfayt, star ocean
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