Starza (celestial_starz) wrote,

A few tiny annoucements

First, a few annoucements:

1. Sims Stories - All the Sims stories are currently on hold. Why? Because I discovered that somehow through LJ, images were being put on other websites. So a big FU thanks goes out to them!

And I sort of lost interest, so feel free to give me the finger too thank me too. :X

I MAY actually come back and work with them sometime, only instead of posting the pictures on LJ, I post the story and pictures and give a link to my webpage instead, but that will take a bit of time.

So until further notice, they are on hold.

2. I will be 'sticking' a post on top of this web-blog for challenges for stagesoflove and 10_passions. All posts will have the theme, and each theme will link to the story on this LJ only (NOT to the community). All the stories concerning these challenges will have an extra 'theme' added in for reference.

All these stories will be written for Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and will feature Albel and Fayt either in a romantical sense or a friendship sense. The first one will be the most likely for these two characters, so... wait, really, do I need to say this, considering what 90% of I write is slash? :P

3. Sorry to disappoint people who come here for YnM fics, but it's pretty unlikely that I'll be writing for YnM anytime, now or in the future. I apologize in advance, I'm just not interested in the fandom anymore. I can't make any promises, but I may be working on a part 3 to Regret and finishing up 'Waiting', because I really hate blowing off good ideas.

Right now, the challenges will be first priority.

4. Finally, I will be going over old fanfiction soon and put tags on them, fandom first, and pairing. If it's a Sim Story, instead of fandom, it will be labeled 'Sims story' instead. Stories will NO LONGER be saved into memories.
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